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Cooperative agreement has for the past decade had seen extensive growth in various industries. Business alliances were formed to maximize both partnership’s available resources to create competitive advantage. There are domestic and global companies which decided to form strategic global business alliances, sharing know-how to gain local favor.

 ACL brings together interested parties, consult on standard terms and conditions, establish written responsibilities and accountability, ensuring indemnity, carried out due diligence and negotiate on financial rewards.



 Strategic Project Management consists of selecting, managing and measuring project outcomes to ensure optimal value for new formed business alliance.

 ACL helps to define, manage, priorities and bench-marking your projects. We warranty and consult upon efficiency and effectiveness of your strategic project management process.


Cross-marketing involve two or more companies working together in promoting a service or product, in a way that benefits both. Badly planned cross-promotions can backfire.

Through business alliances, companies can expand through each other's customer base. It is an opportunity to reach new clients not accessible to one alone.We consult on cross-media marketing, cross-selling, cross-channel marketing, cross-promotion, cross-merchandising and cross-advertising.

Optimising and distributing investors’ investment funds (IIF). 

Regardless of the stages of your business life-cycle, ACL welcomes you to apply and propose to us, your new innovative business ideas, to secure new funding from us.

We will assess your business investment proposal (including new research and development) and identify your leverages before granting you finances! 

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