Alliances Consulting (NZ) Limited

About Us

The purpose of an alliance is to (1) achieve joint strategic goals, (2) reduce risk while increasing rewards and/or, (3) leverage resources. Since an alliance is neither an acquisition nor a merger, it requires professional strategic control methods and management skills.

Advertently, we help domestic as well as global organisations with the tools & resources to create and solidify business collaboration from partnership formation to alliance management.

In past 10 years, we have successfully provided consultation to businesses to create alliance agreements in order to save time & cost, improve services for their customers, managing equitable risk and opportunity share for all the parties.

For instances, ACL has successfully assisted organisation to pursue a set of agreed upon objectives needed while remaining independent in the field of marine engineering, private tertiary educations and IT e-Learning and resourcing.

We promise to bring to you new ways of partnering and create a matching mind set!